Terms of sale

Terms of sale

Before proceeding with the order of the product (hereinafter also Products or Products), through our Website (hereinafter also Website and/or Website), we recommend that you carefully read these “Conditions of Sale”.
Together with the “Privacy Policy” and the “Terms and Conditions of Use”, these “Conditions of Sale” govern the contractual relationship and the possible purchase of “Products” made through this Website.
In case of doubts regarding these “Conditions of Sale” we invite you, before proceeding, to contact us at: [email protected]
In case of non-acceptance of these “Conditions of Sale”, it will be impossible to place orders for “Products” through this Site.
These “Conditions of Sale”, which regulate all transactions carried out between the Seller (hereinafter also Caterinab or Asolo Gold s.p.A) and the Consumer Buyer (hereinafter also “Consumers or Consumer), may not derogate from rights that the law inderogably assigns to buyers Consumers. In case of conflict and in the absence of a valid derogation, the rules of law will prevail.


Caterinab is a brand of Asolo Gold S.p.A., an Italian company, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso, with registered office in Via delle Industrie 9, 31020 San Zenone degli Ezzellini (Tv) Italy, VAT Number/C.F. n. 01696060266, REA TV162646, PEC: [email protected].
You can contact Caterinab by email at: [email protected]
These “Conditions of Sale”, for which Caterinab is responsible, are applicable to the Website: www.caterinab.it, of which Asolo Gold S.p.A. is the sole and exclusive owner.


The Site is dedicated to retail and as such is intended for the exclusive use of Consumers.
In order to make purchases through the Site, the Consumer must be of age (18 years) and have the ability to act. By accepting these “Conditions of Sale”, the Consumer declares that he or she meets both requirements.
All orders placed on the Site must correspond to normal consumption needs, both in relation to the number of Products purchased with a single order, and in the case of a plurality of orders placed by the same subject, even if each order includes a quantity of Products corresponding to normal consumption needs.


Products with their prices as present on the Site constitute an offer to the public in accordance with the methods specified in the “Conditions of Sale” and on the Site itself. The conditions of this offer apply exclusively to purchases made on the website indicated above. The purchase contracts stipulated on the Site are concluded with Asolo Gold S.p.A.
Online Orders must be placed in the following ways:
When you decide to make a purchase, you need to click on “Add to cart” in the specific tab relating to the Product; in this way, the Product will be added to the cart. Once you have completed your purchase choices, you will need to click on “Go to Payment” to enter the reserved section of the Site and complete the Order. *

Having entered the data necessary for completing the Order and entering the reserved section, you will be able to view the summary of your order complete with shipping costs added to the total amount. You will then be asked to confirm the address and data for payment and for any and/or other documents.
Once you have completed filling out the Order, you will be asked to verify its correctness. If errors are found, it is possible to modify the Order and correct the errors before forwarding it to CaterinaB. It is the Consumer’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of the Order before forwarding. In the event of problems with placing the Order, please contact CaterinaB at the above email address.
CaterinaB will send an email confirming receipt of the Order, containing a summary of the “Conditions of Sale” applicable to the contract, information relating to the main characteristics of the Product as well as detailed information on the price, payment and withdrawal methods, shipping costs and any applicable taxes or surcharges.
The aforementioned email will be sent automatically to the address communicated by the Consumer during registration.
CaterinaB will then charge the payment of what is in the Order using the payment data provided by the Consumer.
The Consumer is required to verify the accuracy of the emails he will receive and to immediately report any errors to CaterinaB.
The sales contract with Asolo Gold S.p.A. will be concluded only when a separate e-mail accepting the purchase proposal is sent, which will also contain information relating to the shipment of the product and the expected date of delivery (“Shipping Confirmation”). If the Consumer Order were to be processed through multiple shipments, separate “Shipping Confirmations” may be received.
CaterinaB is unable to correct Orders after that time, but the Consumer is in any case guaranteed the right of withdrawal as indicated below.

In the event of changes in the “Conditions of Sale”, the “Conditions of Sale” published on the Site at the time the order is sent by the Consumer will apply to the purchase order.


The price of the Products is that indicated on the Site at the time the order is sent by the Consumer, except as specified below and without any consideration of previous offers or any price changes that have occurred after acceptance of the purchase proposal.
The prices of the Products indicated on the Site include the costs of standard packaging, VAT (if applicable) and any indirect taxes (if applicable), while they do not include the shipping costs that are calculated before the confirmation of the order sent by the Seller. to the Consumer and that the Consumer undertakes to pay the Seller in addition to the price indicated on the Site. Depending on the place where the Products are to be delivered, the related costs of delivery will be displayed on the Site during the order creation process. shipping, which the Consumer undertakes to pay in addition to the price of the Products ordered. Prices are checked regularly; however, in the event that CaterinaB detects changes in prices or errors in their indication, it will contact the user asking for confirmation of its intention to proceed, in any case, with the purchase at the actual correct price. In the case of confirmation of the purchase, no obligations relating to the delivery of the Product will arise for CaterinaB until the second order confirmation email is sent. If the correct price of the product is lower than that indicated on the site, only the correct lower price will be charged and the product will still be shipped, without further confirmation requests.
Prices are subject to change at any time, but such changes do not affect orders already confirmed in the manner described above.

* For each custom engraving, the additional cost is €20.

**Product prices may vary depending on the shipping country selected by the user during the checkout.

Any additional costs, charges, taxes and/or duties that a given country may apply, for any reason whatsoever, to the Products ordered on the basis of these general conditions of sale are the sole responsibility of the Consumer.


Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card under the conditions described below. The Seller, at its complete discretion, may allow additional payment methods, indicating them in the payments section of the Site.
In the event that, for any reason, CaterinaB is unable to accept an Order, it may, at its discretion, not proceed with the debit or return the price already paid with reference to the Order. CaterinaB will not proceed with sending the Product (s) before having received payment for the full amount.
The user’s personal data will be processed by CaterinaB in accordance with the privacy policy


The dispatch of the purchased products will take place approximately within 7 working days of order confirmation. *

For orders with a total amount of less than € 350, € 30 shipping costs will be added.

Delivery times may be delayed during the holiday period; carriers do not make deliveries, by way of non-exhaustive example, on 25/12 – 06.01 and 01/08 – 21/08 and on weekends.

At the time of Delivery, the presence of the Customer or a trusted person is required to check that the packaging is intact and clean and that the Products received correspond to what is stated in the Order. In case of visible defects, such as the wrong quantity and/or the wrong Product and/or the non-integrity of the packaging, CaterinaB will ask the Customer or the person in charge of his choice to report the aforementioned anomalies on the transport document and to contact CaterinaB to the following email: [email protected]

In the event that the user makes changes to the standard shipping/delivery (especially if the package is left without a signature), Caterina B is relieved of any liability in the event of damage/theft.


On the products sold, CaterinaB only recognizes the guarantees provided by law, without prejudice to any specific guarantees offered for particular Products and in particular moments that will be clearly indicated by the Seller. The Consumer is required to examine the Products upon receipt to check for any defects or damage. In the event of a defect or damage, the Consumer is required to immediately inform CaterinaB by writing to the email address: [email protected] The Seller will collect the Product for sending to its Customer Service Center, at no cost. additional for the Consumer. In the event that a Product is damaged or defective, not for reasons attributable to the Consumer, CaterinaB, at its discretion, will repair or replace the Product or will refund the price paid, including any shipping costs, only on the condition that the Product does not has been worn or used in any other way. In the case of delivery by the carrier, of Products with packaging that is not intact, tampered with, or in any way damaged (for example dented, wet, dirty, etc.), the Consumer is invited, in order to facilitate the warranty procedure, to report this situation. with an annotation in the documents held by the carrier and accompanying the Product.

Any resellers present on the Italian territory cannot accept returns or exchanges of Products purchased through this Site.


These “Conditions of Sale” do not exclude the liability of CaterinaB towards the Consumer for any circumstance under which it would be illegitimate to exclude or try to limit the Seller’s liability towards the Buyer.
Without prejudice to the application of the previous paragraph, CaterinaB is solely responsible for losses resulting from violations by CaterinaB of these “Conditions of Sale”. This liability is exclusively limited to the purchase price of the purchased Product and to compensation for any foreseeable damage that is in any case proven by the Consumer. The damages are considered foreseeable if the parties could foresee them at the time of acceptance of the Order by CaterinaB
Without prejudice to the application of the previous paragraph, CaterinaB is not in any case liable for indirect damages, which are an indirect consequence of the damage or main loss and/or which are not foreseeable by the parties, including, but not limited to: loss of profits o revenues, loss of job opportunities, loss of profit or contracts; loss of savings, death or personal injury.
It is understood that the foregoing does not preclude the right to take action for the loss or damage suffered by material assets as established by mandatory provisions of law or any other action for compensation for direct damages.
Without prejudice to the above, CaterinaB is not responsible for the failure, delay, execution of its obligations under these “Conditions of Sale” arising from causes beyond its control, including: natural disasters, provisions of the authority, war, fire, floods, explosions or riots, disruptions to IT or telecommunications services, third party failure (including failure to provide data) and strikes.
However, it is understood that the clauses of these “Conditions of Sale” do not imply a limitation of the rights guaranteed by law.


The Consumer has the right to withdraw from any contract concluded pursuant to these “Conditions of sale”, without any penalty, within 15 (fifteen) days from the day of receipt of the ordered Products, for any reason and without having to motivate their decision in any way.
For the purpose of exercising the right of withdrawal, the Consumer must send the Seller, within the aforementioned period of 15 (fifteen) days, written communication to be sent by e-mail to [email protected]*

Custom orders can be returned at a cost of €40 at the customer’s expense.

To facilitate the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the seller provides the consumer with a special form to be used for the communication of withdrawal. The use of the “Right of Withdrawal Form” is not, however, mandatory for carrying out the withdrawal procedure as it is sufficient to send any explicit declaration to the above email address.
In the case of exercising the right of withdrawal, all payments received in relation to the Product for which the right of withdrawal has been exercised will be refunded, including shipping costs in the amount equal to the cheapest shipping method offered by CaterinaB. The refund will be made by the Seller using the same payment method used by the Consumer for the initial transaction unless the Consumer expressly requests, in the withdrawal notice, the use of another means of payment among those made available by CaterinaB. In any case, the Consumer will not bear any costs as a result of this reimbursement.
In the case of Withdrawal, the transport costs relating to the return of the Product will be borne by CaterinaB; the return of the Product will be carried out by the Consumer at his complete care and responsibility. The Product subject to withdrawal must be returned correctly packaged in its original packaging, in perfect condition, not ruined or damaged, without obvious signs of use other than those of carrying out a normal test. Equipped with any accessories, instructions for use, ancillary documentation and transport documents.
The Consumer, pursuant to current legislation, will be responsible only for the decrease in the value of the Product resulting from its handling other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Product.
The Consumer must ensure that he takes reasonable measures for the custody of the Product.
Any resellers present on the Country cannot accept returns or exchanges of Products purchased through this Site.
CaterinaB, according to and for art. 56 of the Consumer Code as amended by Legislative Decree n. 21/2014, reserves the right to withhold the refund until it has received the returned Product following the exercise of the right of withdrawal.
The refund will be made within 15 working days from the receipt by CaterinaB of the returned Product.
If the delivery of the Product does not take place within 30 (thirty) working days from the forwarding of the Order Confirmation email by the Seller to the Consumer, or from another date otherwise agreed with the same, the Buyer will have the right to withdraw from the Order and CaterinaB will refund the price.


Some Products may appear slightly larger or smaller than their actual size due to defects in the screen or photographic techniques. Other Products may be represented with larger dimensions than the real ones to clearly show the details, or with smaller dimensions than the real ones in order to show the entire Product.
CaterinaB recommends printing a copy of these “Conditions of Sale” for your future information.
The formation, existence, construction, execution, validity and all aspects relating to these “Conditions of Sale” are governed by Italian law.
The Treviso court has non-exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising from, or connected with, these “Conditions of Sale” or use of the Site.
In the event that any of the clauses of these “Conditions of Sale” is considered null or ineffective, it will be considered non-existent and the remaining part of these “Conditions of Sale” will remain valid and effective.
The delay or failure by CaterinaB to exercise any faculty, right or remedy pursuant to these “Conditions of Sale”, does not imply a waiver of the same, nor the single or partial exercise of any of these faculties, rights or remedies, prevents the future or different exercise of the same.
Third parties who are not party to the agreements between the Consumer and CaterinaB cannot exercise any right provided for by these “Conditions of Sale” in accordance with Italian law except in the case where this is expressly provided for by these “Conditions of Sale”.