Caterina B is an Asolo Gold certified brand.

Asolo Gold has always been attentive to environmental aspects, safety, health, and the working conditions of its employees, customers and suppliers. For this reason, it has decided to obtain ISO 14001 and RJC (www.responsiblejewellery.com) ay adopting its own Code of Ethics and an Environmental Policy.

2015 Asolo Gold obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification which demonstrates the will and commitment with which the company tackles this important and delicate issue.

In 2019 Asolo Gold obtained RJC certificationto demonstrate how transparency and responsible practices for corporate ethics, human rights and the social sphere are indispensable principles to strive for.

The RJC Mission is to promote responsible, ethical, social and environmental standards and practices in respect of human rights throughout the diamond, gold and platinum industry supply chain, from mining to retail.
Asolo Gold Spa fully shares this Mission by making it its own.