Caterina B is a jewelry brand born in 2014 from the goldsmith experience of Asolo Gold. Spokesman of the 18 kt gold language and its immense narrative power, the brand loves to make this material the protagonist of the life of women, of their daily life. Gold is for Caterina B a definitive and absolute choice.
The pure and noble matter represents a place where to keep in time memories, emotions, stories: to overcome what are the ephemeral fashions of today, and also to support with his choices the meaning of the word ecology, The woman Caterina B prefers the ethics of a jewel that is not born today to vanish tomorrow, but is affirmed as an authentic and profound substance, born to last.
The forms that the brand prefers, sought through the ancient goldsmith’s skill, are a hymn to the contemporary and futuristic essence: thanks to this study of subtraction, Caterina B woman feels gratified by the truth of gold, by its intensity and expressive value.